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Microwaves and Antenna Engineering Research Group

Pioneering the analysis, design and integration of high frequency electronics devices and systems


A core focus of the Microwave and Antenna Engineering Research Group is the training of future analogue and high frequency electronic colleagues for industry focused or research intensive careers.

We have carefully organised a stream of Microwave, Antenna, and RF System related courses which provide a coherent coverage of all the major technical skills which are essential for accelerated careers in the related sectors. Our stream provides an emphasis on innovative teaching and learning-by-doing in the classroom and the supporting practical laboratory activities. Below you can find some information on the analogue and high frequency electronics curriculum we offer at Heriot-Watt University as well as examples of our teachings and laboratory activities. If you are a prospective student, parent or industrialist interested to discuss our teaching in more detail, we will be pleased to hear from you.


Feel free to contact Prof. George Goussetis for additional information.

Teaching Stream: Analogue and High Frequency Electronics Stream

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 and 5 
B37VA Praxis electronic design B38EB Circuits and analysis B39AX Engineering mathematics and statistics B30EI Advanced Analogue Electronics
B37EE Introduction to EE B38EM Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism (starting 2019) B39MB Physical electronics and semiconductors (changing to Semiconductor electronics starting 2019) B30SQ Communications Devices and Systems
    B38SA Signals and Systems B39EE Semiconductor electronics B30MT Microwave Techniques
B39MA Electromagnetics B31SI Principles of Mobile Comms
        B39SB Time and frequency signal analysis  B31SH RF Mobile Communication Systems
        B39HF High Frequency Circuits  B31HD High Frequency Circuit Design
            B31AO Antennas and Applications

 Laboratory Activities

Our undergraduate students have worked together to develop a number of videos showcasing their research and laboratory based activities. You will find interesting examples of their work included in the selection of videos below: 

Lab 3 - High Frequency Circuit Design

HF Circuits Lab: Branch line Hybrid Coupler

Patch Antenna Design


3 High Frequency Circuits Lab