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Research Staff: Dr. Symon Podilchak

Funder: Samsung

SPfig2Applications include the charging of mobile device batteries wirelessly. Thanks to the principle of phase conjugation in mixers, retrodirectivity can be achieved in the far-field.More specifically, the reported RDA architecture deals with an active transmitter module to retrodirect a received beacon tone, with increased power, from a mobile unit and with circularly polarized (CP) radiation. Measurements and simulations show a good agreement in terms of the retrodirective tracking capabilities. In addition, a new RDA architecture is also proposed for WPT, using sub-arrays, in order to boost the overall received power at the mobile while also not significantly increasing the costs of the active transmitter module. Other applications for the proposed RDA circuit element include target tracking, low-cost sensor charging, and other WPT systems.


  1. “An Active Retrodirective Antenna Element for Circularly Polarized Wireless Power Transmission” (awarded with the COST travel grant award)
  2. “Retrodirective Antenna Array for Circularly Polarized Wireless Power Transmission”
  3. “An Efficient Rectifier for an RDA Wireless Power Transmission System Operating at 2.4 GHz” (awarded with the Young Scientist Award)

 Image: First prototype