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Pioneering the analysis, design and integration of high frequency electronics devices and systems

Research staff: Dr Apostolos Georgiadis

Funding body: EU H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Agreement 661621

InkjetPrintedRectennaOnPaper 24GHz1The Injkjet-Printed Powered Circuits for Sensing and Indentification (iREACT) project establishes the application of inkjet printing as a key technology for the implementation of batteryless and wireless sensor and communication circuits based on wireless power transfer and energy harvesting, enabling the realization of the Internet of Things (IoT). Inkjet printing supports a large volume production, achieves a good resolution necessary for high frequency electronics, enables the use of a variety of low cost and flexible materials, and is a direct-write, and additive manufacturing technology. The research outcomes of the project focus in two goals, to demonstrate low profile, conformal, inkjet printed RF energy harvesters and autonomous wireless sensor and communication circuits, and to establish inkjet printing in millimeter wave frequencies. During the outgoing phase Marie Curie Global Fellow Dr.  A. Georgiadis is hosted at the Georgia Tech ATHENA laboratory led by Prof. Manos Tentzeris, a world leading laboratory in inkjet printed flexible RF electronics. 



List of Publications: 


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