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Microwaves and Antenna Engineering Research Group

Pioneering the analysis, design and integration of high frequency electronics devices and systems

Research staff: Prof Jason Hong and Dr Jai Ni 

External collaborator: European Space Agency (ESA/1-8275-15-NL-HK)

Funding body and estimated budget: ESA - Euro 298,336

Duration: 2016-18

Project descritiption: Bandwidth, frequency and power reconfigurable payload architectures are currently under development by major satellite manufacturers. Today's fixed bandwidth filters are a major bottleneck in such systems and have led to the implementation of reconfigurable filters. These new reconfiguration scenarios require flexible converters and, hence, flexible filters to be accommodated after the down/up conversion. A conventional approach is to include a switchable filter bank which, for advance reconfigurable payloads, implies an increase in the number of filters with the corresponding size increase. Due to the position of these IF filters inside the payload diagram, an increase of absoluteminsertion losses can be tolerated. Pre-distortion and lossy filter theories have beenmsupported in previous ESA activities. These techniques enable the use of lower Q-factormmaterials and/or reduce the size of the component. The objective of the activity is to develop and evaluate a compact filter with the capacity to tune the bandwidth for flexible converters.