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Pioneering the analysis, design and integration of high frequency electronics devices and systems

PRecordDr Paul Record has been employed by Heriot-Watt University as a lecturer in digital and analogue electronics since 2000. Previous to this he was employed at St Andrews University researching the design and manufacture of satellite relay data loggers for sea mammals and long term, long range RFID tags. Paul has many years experience in analogue instrument and audio amplification and has designed and built many systems. He has also acted as a consultant to a wide range of companies.  More recently he has spent a month in the USA working for Texas Instruments in the Jack Kilby labs  . Paul has wide experience in analogue circuit design for instrumentation and has worked on micro-scale magnetic devices which is one of his key research interests. He has experience of low power microprocessors and has designed antenna systems for mobile communication. He has developed several leading RF technologies for use in mobile RF devices and location and tracking systems. Paul has filed five patents in “synchronisation in a wireless communication”, “compact beam steering antenna” , “compact antenna for smart meter” and “Non-contact DC voltage measurement”.
Research interests include low frequency sub 4 GHz antennas exploiting metamaterials; no contact DC voltage measurement; magnetostrictive thin films; and, low power wireless sensor networks.

A full research profile can be viewed on Dr Record's Heriot-Watt University Home Pageand the Research Gateway