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savvas kosmopoulosProfessor Savvas A. Kosmopoulos received his B.A.Sc. ('78) and his M.A.Sc.('81) in Electrical Engineering both from the University of Ottawa, Canada. In 1980 he joined the Bell Northern Research laboratories in Ottawa, where he has been involved in research activities on digital communication networking. In 1987 he has awarded the Ph.D. degree (Elect. Engin.) of the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he has been elected Lecturer on October of the same year. From Nov. 1987 to July 1989 he worked as a Post Doctoral researcher in the Laboratory for Electromagnetism and Microwaves, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Ottawa. Since 1989 he is with SPACE ENGINEERING s.p.a., Rome, Italy, where he is working as a senior engineer in the RF and Payload group. During these last two decades Dr Kosmopoulos has been actively involved in various ESA projects, dealing with the RF/IF Linear and non-Linear analyses of several Payload and/or ground segment systems; e.g., the ARTEMIS satellite project, the METEOSAT II Generation system, the COSMO SKYMED system and, recently, the TDP#5 Payload on-board the ALPHASAT spacecraft. These activities, indeed, permitted his involvement into the direct design and realization of several related RF, Microwaves and Millimeter-Waves small signals and high power components and subsystems (e.g., frequency converters and filters, diplexers, multiplexers). Finally, to be mentioned that Dr. Kosmopoulos is the author of over 60 technical papers, published in various international refereed journals as well as in the proceedings of many international conferences and that he is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Technical Chamber of Greece.


1.Senior RF and Microwaves (analog/digital) Communications Engineer: Space Engineering s.r.l., via dei berio, no. 91,00155 rome, italy

2.Honourable Professor of Microwave Engineering: School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, UK

1975-1978: University of Ottawa, b.a.sc./elect. eng., ottawa, canada.
1978-1981: University of Ottawa-m.a.sc./elect. eng., ottawa, can.
1982-1987: Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, ph.d./e.e. Greece. .
1987-1989: University of Ottawa, Laboratory for Electromagnetics and Microwaves, Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Professional Affiliations
•member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics eng.(IEEE).
•member of The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).
•reviewer in IEEE Transactions on Communications / Information Theory and Microwave Techniques Transactions (MTT).
•reviewer in IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Research Experience
•satellite icrowave digital/analog fixed and mobile communication systems: fdma, tdma, wideband cdma payload analyses/simulations and orientation, spurious and intermodulation analysis leading into spectrum reallocation and administration, subsystem and components realization, emc-analysis.

•linear and nonlinear if, microwave and millimeter wave communication systems and components designing and prototype realization, using linear and nonlinear numerical (cad) techniques (i.e., filters, diplexers, multiplexers, up-/downconverters, mixers, lna/power amplifiers, modems, codecs).

•microwave terrestrial mobile/personal communication systems architecture designing (digital/analog).

•cad tools designing and developing (i.e., multitone spurious and intermodulation products frequency allocation and power indedification, wideband/cdma systems performance evaluation, rf and microwave filters and multiplexers designing and realization).

•digital and analog telephone switching and networking. computer data networks (lna).

•error detection and correction coding techniques