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Destination Space! 

DSpaceOn the 5th of February 2020 an exciting event called Destination Space took place at the museum in Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. Florian Vidal and Thomas Strober (REVOLVE Fellows) joined Yifang Wei (TESLA Fellow) to showcase their research.

Dozens of children came to their booth to try pedagogical experiments and learn more about science. Questions were also asked about their PhDs and day-to-day life at work in the University and on secondments.

The kids had a lot of fun playing with the Theremin and were blown away by the optical experiments. It was also the perfect opportunity to introduce basic physical concepts such as waves and light propagation!


Undergraduate Video Competition

Our Elecrical Engineering undergraduate students took part in an undergraduate video competition related to Electromagnetics in Practice. To view all the videos you can head across to our dedicated REVOLVE Outeach site. 

REVOLVE in Science Day at George Heriot School

GHREVOLVE organised a science day for all primary three students at George Heriot School in Edinburgh. The event took place on Tuesday 11 December in the school premises addressing the theme of electricity. REVOLVE brought a number of hands on experiments to illustrate the concept of conductance and how to use play-dough or pencils in circuits. Together REVOLVE illustrated how electricity can be give rise to magnetism and use a home made paper-plate speaker to show a practical application. REVOLVE’s Theremin was also available and attracted the attention of the students.



REVOLVE and the Science in the City Festival

ESOFsmallREVOLVE  had a very successful participation in the Science in the City Festival which took place in Toulouse (9th-14th July 2018) as part of the 8th edition of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). REVOLVE fellows together with volunteers from the three institutions showcased their latest innovations and proposed scientific challenges to visitors in a friendly and interactive Fun Family Day. The presented open session named ‘REVOLVE  - Waves: Radio and Space' allowed attendees of all ages to take part in a series of applied engineering experiments ranging from making your own speaker, setting up your own radio link and making music with the wave of a hand through interference of electromagnetic fields. All public actively engaged with the team and had alos the opportunity to see real satellite components. Being the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe, the event offered a unique framework for interaction between engineers and the general public.

REVOLVE and Explorathon 2018

Explorathon 2018 smallExplorathon Maria and Adrain 2018 small

REVOLVE participated in Edinburgh's Explorathon 2018 in collaboration with Leith Labs! The venue this year was the popular Shopping Centre located in Ocean Terminal. One of the activities carried out at the event showed how researchers at the Microwave and Antenna Engineering Group at Heriot-Watt University are working to use traditional electromagnetic concepts to wirelessly transmit power that can recharge electronic devices. This will enable us to charge our devices on the move, become more environmentally friendly reducing the number of batteries in the waste strem, stored power and re-use it. Other activities presented introduced the concept of sound and light waves, which raised a great interest among the kids and, of course, the big ones!

Microwave Group and the Nuffield Research Placement Programme

Dr. Carolina Mateo-Segura supervised Miss Yik Yik Maryann Beh, a Nuffield Student from S6 Broughton High School in Edinburgh, through the Nuffield Research Placement Programme for two months during summer 2017. The programme is run by the Nuffield Foundation which funds research, analysis, and student programmes that advance educational opportunity and social well-being across the United Kingdom. The placements provide the opportunities for individual students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop their skills and confidence in quantitative and scientific methods. Yik was involved in the development of an FMCW radar system together with a 2nd year student in EECE. During this time, she has gained basic skills of electronics, signal processing, and programming. All these experiences give her already a good taste of what an electrical engineering degree entails. A final event, where Yik Yik presented her work, was hold at the Royal College of Surgeons celebrated in Edinburgh at the end of the placement.

Engaging with Schools

engaging with schools

The microwave group engages with schools in fun Science Days. We have developed in the past four years a collection of light and sound experiments that we take to our partner schools to immerse primary students in a day full of exciting science and engineering experiments!

Events that we have already organised:

Pupils in Bruntsfield Primary School, Edinburgh, enjoyed a fun “Science Day”. More than 100 primary five pupils immersed themselves in a series of experiments with 12 researchers from Heriot-Watt's Microwave and Antenna Engineering Group. The day-long event was called ‘Waves: Light and Sound,' and allowed 9 and 10-year-olds to take part in a series of 25 practical and applied engineering experiments including how to make their own speaker and wireless power transmissions for battery charging. You can seem more on these experiments in our school activities and experiiments page!

Children need to see that a career in engineering is accessible for everyone, regardless of background or gender. We should all join forces to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.” “One of the highlights of the event was the reaction and excitement of the children who participated actively and engaged in all the activities.

Georgina (10 year old) a primary five pupil from Bruntsfield Primary School, said: “The Science day was really exciting because we learned about things we haven't done before like how sound travels, how light travels and how magnets work.”

Max (9 year old) said: “It was a good chance to get to learn something that you don't get taught in school normally because of all the equipment they had.”

Ms Carol Kyle, Headteacher of Bruntsfield Primary School, said: “This has been a wonderful opportuntiy to work in partnership with the university. The researchers designed experiments, with our staff, to complement our curriculum. Having the PhD students work with our children was both inspiring and engaging. It certainly challenged their thinking! I look forward to continuing this partnership.”

Equal Gender Opportunities - Women’s lunch in ISSS


In order to promote gender equality Dr. Mateo-Segura and Mrs. Lynn Smith co-organised the Women in EECE/ISSS Networking lunch to celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) and the launch of women in EECE/ISSS network. 

Two events took place 2015 and plans to arrange formal and informal peer mentoring forl interested women in engineering was addressed with the aim to promote a strong, supportive culture within the sector. The first event in April was also attended by external female engineers from industry. In particular Ms. Maria Kelly and Dr. Karen Jane Gordon from SELEX ES.#

Aurora Leadership Development Programme


Dr. Carolina Mateo-Segura participated in the Aurora Leadership Development Programme 2017 run by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. The programme consisted of 4 development days, 1 action learning day, self-directed learning and a 5 month mentoring partnership. Dr. Mateo-Segura said: “It is being an absolute great experience, very inspirational, a fantastic opportunity for networking and to understand that you are not alone; that your worries are the worries of others, that your challenges are common and that failing is also a way to succeed much faster.” This women's leadership development initiative aims to encourage women in academic and professional roles to think of themselves as leaders and develop leadership skills, and to help institutions maximise the potential of their female staff.

Midlothian Science Festival


Dr. Carolina Mateo-Segura, has lead the participation on this year’s Midlothian Science Festival in Edinburgh. The Midlothian Science Festival has been running since 2012 showing that Science, Engineering and Technology is a key part of the Midlothian’s cultural identity. It infuses into all areas including their natural and historic environment, food and drink, health care and sporting achievements, and creative arts. The activity showcased at the Dalkeith Library and Arts Centre by the team was designed to inspire and engage visitors of all ages and background in science, engineering and technology. It was full of mind-blowing experiments to raise the aspirations of local children and cultivate the next generation of scientific/engineer explorers!

 European Researchers’ Night (Explorathon)


Dr. Carolina Mateo-Segura and Prof. George Goussetis together with several PhD students from the Microwave and Antenna Engineering Group in Heriot-Watt University, participated in Explorathon 2017. The day-long event was held at the WHALE ARTS Agency in Edinburghnand was as part of Explorathon European Researchers’ Night across Scotland. Here, we showcased our recent progress on both near and far-field wireless power transmission devices based on either electromagnetic coupling or high power antennas together with simple experiments of light and sound.  Click to view Photos from the event!