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Prof. John Thompson, The University of Edinburgh, UK 

Title: Overview of Green Wireless Communications Research 

Abstract: In recent years, the design of more energy efficient wireless communications systems has become a major focus and fifth generation (5G) wireless systems are expected to be significantly more energy efficient. This talk will introduce the subject of Green Wireless Communications and key goals and objectives. Major findings from research projects in this area will be described, particularly on methods to improve the energy efficiency of mobile base station, which traditionally account for a significant proportion of energy consumed in such networks. Future research directions, such the application of these ideas to emerging millimetre wave frequency band systems and to Internet of Things applications will also be described. 

johnBio: John Thompson is currently a Professor at the School of Engineering in the University of Edinburgh. He specializes in antenna array processing, cooperative communications systems and energy efficient wireless communications. He has published in excess of three hundred papers on these topics, He was coordinator for the recently completed EU Marie Curie Training Network ADVANTAGE, which studies how communications and power engineering can provide future smart grid systems). He currently leads two UK research projects which study new concepts for fifth generation wireless communications. In January 2016, he was elevated to Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to antenna arrays and multi-hop communications