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Microwaves and Antenna Engineering Research Group

Pioneering the analysis, design and integration of high frequency electronics devices and systems

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The Microwave and Antenna Engineering Research Group at Heriot-Watt University is a research unit of international excellence fostering industrially-driven world-class research excellence and skill development to accelerate the adoption of advanced front end solutions in emerging high frequency electronic systems and applications.

The scientific activities within the group focus on leading state of the art developments in the following areas:

-Radio systems for emerging space missions

       -Wireless power transmission and charging

       -5G communications and beyond

       -On body communications

       -Automotive sensors

       -RF components and systems for Defence

       -Additively manufactured (3D/inkjet printed) RF components and sensors

       -Energy efficient nonlinear circuits, power amplifiers, frequency generation and translation

The Microwave and Antenna Engineering Research Group is also driven by the industrial needs and provides competitive technological advantages in key areas that include:

       -System-informed RF subsystem and antenna design and evaluation

       -Antennas and components for space (space and ground segment)

       -Active and passive sensing (radar and RFID)

       -Power amplifiers, frequency generation and translation


The group was established in 1971 by Prof. Joseph Helszjan and Prof. Alan Sangster who delivered key innovations in areas that include ferrite circulators as well as travelling wave antennas. The group is presently led by Prof. Jia-Sheng Hong and over the past few years has delivered significant advances in the areas of microwave filters, frequency selective surfaces and antennas. More recently the new incorporations to the group have led to a broadening of the scientific fields covered including novel additive manufacturing solutions (inkjet printing, 3D printing), wireless power transfer and energy harvesting and nonlinear active circuit design.. 

The group performs funded research in collaboration with several large enterprises and SMEs across sectors that include space, communications and defense among others. Additionally, the group also has a large number of funding sources from governmental agencies (e.g. EPSRC, FP7, H2020, ESA, Royal Academy of Engineering . 

The present and past projects detailed information can be found on the Projects section.

We would be happy to hear from you, please contact us at j.hong@hw.ac.uk.

The microwave and antenna engineering group at Heriot-Watt University is pioneering the analysis design and testing of active and passive high frequency electronic components, subsystems and systems that provide innovative solutions in:  
        - wireless terrestrial and satellite communication systems  
        - electromagnetic imaging and sensing systems  
        - medical, industrial and scientific applications of microwaves